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Coding to Calculus


Goals and Motivation

Coding to Calculus started out as an offshoot of the Bridge to Calculus outreach program run out of Northeastern University. Bridge to Calculus is a partnership with the Boston public school system that aims to prepare motivated students for AP level calculus courses (AB/BC). The primary goal of this course project is to present python in a mathematical light, and to help students better understand high school level maths, while also helping them create personal projects that will lead to stronger college applications.

Structure and Lectures


The course is broken up into a series of lectures that are designed to be presented using Jupyter notebook and reveal.js. The ultimate goal is to have an accompanying blog post/live presentation to supplement the more complex lectures and topics. Topics from calculus are introduced, but the main purpose of this course is to strenghten a student’s background and understanding of Geometry and Algebra.

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1:

Lecture 2:

Lecture 3:

Lecture Jupyter Notebooks

Lecture 1:

Lecture 2:

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